Used Oil Collection Facilities and Campaign


Used Oil Collection Facilities

The Waste Forum identified that there was an issue of "missing" waste oil in the region. Our research showed that residents, farming enterprises and those businesses that generated too little waste oil to justify a commercial collection may have been stockpiling waste oil or disposing of it in an inappropriate way.

REROC applied as a group for a grant from the Federal Department of Environment and Heritage and successfully obtained funding to purchase and install 12 waste oil facilities across the region. The participating councils also contributed to the cost of the facilities.

The installation of the facilities was followed by a regional campaign to raise awareness of the facilities. The new facilites proved so successful that a second application was made to the Department which was also approved and this resulted in a further 7 facilities being established.

Used Oil Collection Awareness Campaign

The purpose of the Used Oil Collection Awareness Campaign was to bring to the attention of residents, farmers and businesses that proper collection facilities had been established in the region.

As part of the Campaign the Waste Forum worked collaboratively with the local branch of the NSW Farmers who distributed promotional information to their membership. In addition fridge magnets advising of the location of the facilities and wallet-sized calendars were also produced which were handed out at council offices.