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Illegal Dumping Strategy

Regional Illegal Dumping Strategy 2017-2020

REROC's Regional Illegal Dumping Strategy 2017-2020 was completed in January 2017.

During 2016, member councils recorded instances of illegal dumping in their LGAs on the EPA's RID online database. This enabled REROC to analyse data on dumping in the region and then develop strategies to address the problem. 

The major types of dumping that occur in the Region are household rubbish, household furniture, mattresses and household white goods. These four streams account for 66% of the waste dumped. 

The Strategy includes on-going training for council staff in the use of RID online and further work will be done to determine whether dumping trends and dumping hot spots can be idenfitied. REROC will also be looking to partner with other land managers in the Region to address the problem. 

Members of the public can also utilise RID online to report illegal dumping.