Household CleanOut Collections

Every second year the REROC Waste Forum applies for funding from the EPA to deliver a Household CleanOut collection across the Riverina region. The last collection was held from 29 March to 8 April 2017 with all member councils participating. 8,048.30 kg was collected from 9 LGAs across 11 collection events. Since collections began in 2003, 67,748.99 kg has been collected with 2,540 people attending the CleanOut events. 

The next round of Household Chemical CleanOut collections will be held between the 15 – 25 May 2019. 

Residents in the REROC region can attend any of the CleanOut events. 

Up to 20 litres of unwanted chemicals can be dropped off during the CleanOut event including:

  • garden chemicals

  • solvents and household cleaners

  • pesticides and herbicides

  • pool chemicals

  • acids and alkalis

  • poisons.

The following items will also be accepted on the day however these items will need to be taken to the onsite Community Recycling Centre. The Community Recycling Centre is also a free service and is open year round for your convenience: For further information on your local CRC, please click the buttons below.

  • paint and paint related products

  • gas bottles

  • car batteries

  • gas cylinders and fire extinguishers

  • smoke detectors

  • fluorescent globes and tubes

Residents visiting the Clean Out Collection in Wagga Wagga are able to drop all Community Recycling Centre items to the Gregadoo Waste Management Facility located at 132 Ashfords Rd, Gregadoo NSW 2650. The Gregadoo Waste Management Facility opening hours are Monday - Sunday 7am - 4.30pm.

Please remember to transport your materials carefully and to remain in your vehicle at the collection site. 

For further information on the collections, please contact your local council. A list of member councils and contact details is available from the REROC website.


  • NEVER MIX CHEMICALS as this may produce dangerous reactions

  • Wherever possible keep all chemicals in their original containers

  • Ensure containers are clearly labelled and well sealed. If you do not know the contents, label the container 'UNKNOWN CHEMICAL'

  • Liquid can leak during transport: wrap containers holding liquids securely in newspaper, place in sturdy plastic bags and then plastic buckets or trays

  • Keep household chemicals away from passengers, e.g. in the boot

Further information on the program please visit the EPA CleanOut website.

This is a NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy. Supported by the REROC Waste Forum and your local council.