Yours2Take is an on-line resource exchange which aims to reduce the amount of waste entering council landfill sites. The site allows users to advertise products that they would like to give away and that they believe have a re-use capability, to someone who has a use for them. Thousands of tonnes of reusable product are sent to landfill every year becuase it's too hard to find someone who wants to reuse them. Yours2Take makes it easier for people to link with others who can put those unwanted items to good use.

The website was launched in March 2008. Since the launch over 7,690 people have registered on the site with over 1,350 items having been exchanged.  The site attracts an average of 3,500 visitors per month.

A wide range of items have been available on the website to be given away including computers, cars, baby clothing, toys, magazines, furniture, piano, plants, washing machines and even an ironing board cover! We have also had several houses listed to giveaway on the site. Users have registered from all over Australia.

Version Two of the site was updated in 2009, it was brought forward because of the large number of "wanted" advertisements that appeared on the site. While it was anticipated that some wanted ads would appear the volume has been overwhelming and to a degree has watered down the site's operability. Wanted advertisements mean that the site essentially works in reverse but provided that waste is still being diverted from landfill the project is fulfilling its goals.



The website was upgraded with Version 3 in 2010 which included the statistics page being upgraded so that REROC can produce monthly statistical reports on any LGA. The upgrade also included a geo-locator feature. People can now go into the website and search for items within a kilometre radius from their location. This feature was developed after feedback from Sydney based councils who advised that they would like to be able to search via the proximity to their suburb/location. The website now also incorporates Twitter, those who sign-up can have new items sent to them via Twitter. 

Version 4 of the website was upgraded during October 2011. This upgrade included a whole new look for the site as well as the availability of an iPhone™ and iPad™ app to allow users to more easily use photos on the website. The apps are available from iTunes free of charge   In 2013 REROC added an app for Android users which is available through the Google Play Store. 

Councils are able to become a Participant in Yours2Take. This allows Councils to promote the website locally and have access to all promotional materials developed for the website. Participation in the project is free, however REROC asks all participants to execute the Participation Agreement to ensure that the integrity of the project is retained as it grows. 

Yours2Take received a Highly Commended at the 2010 Local Government Excellence in the Environment Awards for the Waste Avoidance Category. The awards were announced at a ceremony held at Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney on Tuesday 30 November 2010.

Yours2Take was also awarded 3rd place in the 2011 Local Government Innnovation in Waste Awards which were announced at the Waste Conference on Wednesday 11 May 2011 in Coffs Harbour.

Watch the TV advertisement for Yours2Take by clicking on the "Play" button on the video below or start using Yours2Take by clicking here. 




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